What does it mean that the rugs are antique?  Most all of our rugs are one-of-a-kind, hand-knotted Anatolian Turkish rugs that are 50-70 years old.  Our rugs have been cleaned and restored and some have had vegetable dyes (pinks, blues, greens) added to the fabric to give off vibrant and welcoming colors!

How do you photograph the rugs to accurately show their colors?  We photograph our rugs in natural light - outside or in a well lit foyer.  The colors of Turkish rugs can appear differently in darker spaces or at nighttime. 

Some of the rugs appear worn or faded.  Why is this?  Turkish rugs may have signs of wear, inconsistent/faded colors, and irregular measurements or patterns. These are all characteristics that make these rugs so special.  When you purchase a Knotted rug, you are welcoming a one-of-a-kind piece into your home!

Have the rugs already been cleaned prior to purchase?  All of our rugs have been professionally cleaned.

How do I clean my vintage rug at home?  We recommend light vacuuming your rug weekly.  Be careful not to allow the vacuum to damage the corners/edges of the rug.  Some of the older rugs are more delicate and should only be taken outside and given a good shake.  If you experience spills, clean your rug with warm soapy water (no chemical cleaners).

Should I use a rug pad underneath my rug? We highly recommend non-slip rug pads for all of our rugs.  Most local carpet stores will cut a custom-sized rug pad for you.  We also recommend both of these pre-cut pads from Amazon (Rug Pad 1, Rug Pad 2).